The Dark Ages (For Lack of a Better Title)

We’re living in the Dark Ages

No one understands the way it is

When you live in a technological renaissance

And the people ignore pink elephants

I don’t have the nearest notion

Far like Iraq, deep like the ocean

When everyone (except for me)

Endorses positivity


Let’s take a trip across the world

I want to be your favorite girl

No one likes the things I say

There isn’t any other way


The time it was that just began

Away with me, don’t hold my hand

In every joke a grain of truth

And every time, and fleeting youth


The people there they live their life

In times of trial and genocide

The wars not over, it’s just begun

But I’m not telling anyone


Who’s to say that I’m not crazy

I have the time if you’ll just pay me

The Internet and all I know

Is just a fucking picture show


When you watch the drama unfold

Remember how the world is cold

There isn’t really any other

The drugs to try, the lies to cover


You know that I will see it through

And who’s to say that it’s untrue

There isn’t any acquiescence

When nothing really makes much sense


It goes on and on and on and on

They all love him, he wrote a song

The things that we appreciate

In time they do depreciate


We say what we say

They all go away

We make pretty sounds

What’s lost is not found


I’m trying to pay attention

To the plot of mad men

In two thousand fourteen

All was not what it seemed.


Cover art: The Ghent Altarpiece (interior view) by Hubert and Jan van Eyck, painted 1432. Saint Bavo Cathedral, Ghent, Belgium. Early Netherland-ish painting often included complicated iconography, and art historians have debated the “hidden symbolism” of works by artists like Hubert and Jan van Eyck. (Wikipedia)


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