Pagan Holidays They Have to Give You Off to Be PC

Pagans believe in more than one deity, so you are allowed to practice more than one set of religious holidays that require a day off.

The pagan religion includes a vast Pantheon of deities, all of which are considered very sacred. Don’t let your supervisor at work discriminate against your religious beliefs. You are a powerful goddess who deserves a day off to celebrate the different phases of the sun and moon, because they are very sacred to your religion.

Being politically correct about religious holidays doesn’t mean you can only say happy holidays. You can happily celebrate your winter holiday of choice, including Christmas or Hanukkah. But in order to do so the politically correct way, you do have to acknowledge every religious choice there is. This includes giving your employees days off.

Most pagan holidays pre-date Christianity, but were later covered up by the church in an attempt to promote their own holidays. It’s not hard to incorporate paganism into holiday celebrations because they share a lot of the same traditions. Evergreen garlands are a pagan invention. They also love feasting and drinking, mainly roasted meats, nuts and berries, roasted vegetables and good strong liquor. Now in addition to a manger scene, and a star of David you will also need a bonfire and one of those pentagrams made from rocks during the winter holidays.

Winter Solstice

December 20 to 23

winter solstice illustration of sun setting on a snowy field

Before it was covered up by the Christians in an attempt to market their own holiday, Christmas, the winter holidays were about the winter solstice. Pagans celebrate the “Yule” time by burning logs, feasting on hearty victuals and drinking wine and ale. Then they go outside and watch the low key Ursid meteor shower. They cannot work all day on December 21 for this reason, but the other two days are a grey area you might schedule them.


May 1

Beltane may pole

Beltane is held annually halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice. Traditionally it is the day pagans send their livestock to summer pastures. Houses are decorated with seasonal flowers. They have bonfires at night and rub the ashes on their face to protect from evil spirits. This is accompanied by feasting and drinking. A pagan person might be able to work a day shift during Beltane but it would be cruel to make them work in the evening.

Summer Equinox

June 19 to 23

summer sun

Midsummer or the Summer Equinox is a magical time when elves and fairies run around reciting poetry late at night. Unfortunately the Christian Church appropriated the holiday around 4 AD, renaming it the Feast of Saint John the Baptist, or St. John’s Eve. But the holiday never really caught on after that. Pagans usually celebrate with bonfires, feasting and drinking. If someone requests the Midsummer Equinox off work they did not make it up.


September 1

basket of autumn vegetables, fruits and nuts

Samhain is a harvest festival that commemorates to start of the winter season. It happens right around the same time as Halloween, but was covered up by Christians for religious reasons. Traditionally it is considered a liminal time when the boundaries between this world and the other world are the thinnest, and magical fairies and spirits pay a visit. This is similar to the Day of the Dead. Obviously the sacred time must be respected with a day off work.

There are many great reasons to learn more about Paganism and Pagan holidays, not the least of which being a day off work, feasting, drinking, bonfires and watching meteor showers. And you can still celebrate Christmas. This year remind your boss that you have converted to Paganism and now observe these holidays.

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