One Mixed Tape and One Improvised DJ Set

Two recordings of music suitable for being played in public, which is what a DJ “really” does!!!

Rehearsed Mixtape of Hip Hop Melodies

Recently I was driving from Los Angeles to San Diego during rush hour so this took an additional three hours at least. The only radio station I could find that actually had DJ’s spinning music was doing this thing where they fade out at the last second to drop a new track. Sometimes they would beat match two songs that were out of key so that it sounded all gnarly. And the remixes they were playing were not that good. I felt inspired to create a mixtape while stuck in this traffic jam.

Improvised Set of Random Selections

I wanted to post an EDM set as well to show that I have versatility as a club DJ and am better than a random button pusher. This was recorded live while I was under the influence of alcohol in Serato DJ using random selections from my iTunes library. Most of the songs are over two years old. I like this better than ambient chill noise as a female club patron that knows what makes other women want to dance, which is the number one cause of drink sales in a bar environment. Um unless you’re at a gay bar for men. You can tell it’s performed live because I keep messing with the filter during the first transition, and the BPM changes subtly.


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