Kimye Are Definitely Working with the Military on Fashion

Kanye West is obviously designing clothes with the US military to encourage new recruits, and Kim Kardashian is guilty by association.

Think about it. The Pentagon has deep pockets and they are willing to spend some of those billions on publicity. Meanwhile West and Kardashian both love money and camouflage prints. Therefore it is possible that West has entered into a top secret government contract to design military gear.

YEEZY camouflage oversized parka

YEEZY camouflage oversized parka ($1,494)

Their obvious plan is to recruit fans of hip hop, street fashion and reality television, by making military inspired fashion cool again. And what better way to do it than to charge $1,500 for an M-65 field jacket? Or $756 for a pair of military boots that look like they belong in the Middle East?

YEEZY military boots

YEEZY military boots ($756)

But the government pays for all that stuff if you join the military, and then you would have all the street wear. Then all West has to do is lean back in his Calabasas mansion and count fat stacks of your hard earned tax dollars while you dodge bullets and bombs in the desert sands.

YEEZY Camouflage hooded jacket

YEEZY Camouflage hooded jacket ($560)

If these were not military jackets and boots then why are they charging such exorbitant prices for hunting jackets that only the US military would buy?

kimye illuminati us military conspiracy theory

This is probably the work of the illuminati, who associate with both West and US military all the time. That means that E! Entertainment also wants you to join the army right now.

Well I for one refuse to be taken in by the subliminal military street wear trend. Kim needs to get her man under control. Do these reality TV show stars and rappers have no shame? The army spends too much money on needless waste as it is!

Stay up America.


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