Is Supreme New York Named After the Supreme Court?

Before you scramble to overpay for t-shirts consider that you might be supporting the illuminati in the ultimate twist of irony.

Think about it. The street wear brand Supreme is incredibly popular. It’s basically a red rectangle with the word Supreme written on it. This is similar to the name of the highest court in the US.

The first Supreme Court assembled in 1789, but Supreme was founded 205 years later in 1994. Therefore it’s possible that the first one thought of the other.

Supreme Court in 2017

All the super stars and street fashion blogs acknowledge that Supreme is the best brand ever. Obviously those sources are also in the illuminati along with billionaires and politicians. Is it possible there is a connection in which they agree to support Supreme fashions for mutual benefit?

A Supreme t-shirt sells for between $100 and $500 brand new. Some of the jackets and hoodies are over $1200 each. Yet tons of people are eager to buy all of them as soon as they are released. It’s almost as though they have been brain washed by a comprehensive public relations campaign.

supreme court building with supreme logo

The Supreme Court Building

Furthermore the Supreme Court is part of the justice system. That means anyone wearing a Supreme shirt could be a narcotics officer and a government informant. That is why they love the court system so much, because it’s their job to process criminals through it.

So the next time you go shopping for street wear think about whether or not you are willing to support the man by brazenly wearing his logo on your chest and sweatpants.

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