How to Plant a Profitable Garden in the Sims 4

The easiest way to get rich in the Sims 4 (without cheating) is to plant a garden and increase the quality of your crops. You decide whether to keep the 9 to 5 job!

1/ Open the Sims 4

Obviously you need the Sims 4 to plant a garden in it.

2/ Access the design tool.

Depending on whether or not you decide to use a cheat code, you may be gardening on a budget. Nonetheless you can make a profit from selling your first crops and then plant more with the additional earnings.

3/ Lay out ornamental plants. (optional)

If you want your sim’s garden to look nice decorate the environment with suitable shrubs, flowers and trees. There is also a nice selection of outdoor furniture. Don’t go overboard or the game play will be all laggy and slow.

4/ Make a crop plan.

You can plant seeds directly in the simulated earth, and the grid in the design tool helps with keeping straight rows. Planter boxes help keep your plants organized. There are gardening pots as well if all you want is a splash of color here and there.

5/ Tend garden until quality increases.

As a sim tends to the garden the quality of the plants increases and the sale price goes higher. There are other ways to encourage quality plants once the sims gardening level goes up such as fertilizing them or talking to them. You can even genetically engineer new types of plants by taking cuttings and grafting them to each other.

6/ Sell produce every day.

If you plant a substantial amount of simulated crops and care for them, the resulting garden will yield fresh produce every day, which is a lightning speed compared to real farms. By selling these products you can make more than you would in an entry level job as a doctor or rocket scientist. But if your sim’s aspiration is to become rich then they may want to get a job too.

7/ Most Valuable Plants (MVP’s) in the Sims 4

Some plants have a higher market value than others. The MVP’s in the Sims 4 are as follows. These prices are to start and will go up as the quality of the plant increases with time and care.

  1. UFO Plant $120 ea.
  2. DragonFruit $80 ea.
  3. Blackberries $55 ea.
  4. Grapes $33 ea.
  5. Orchids $22 ea.
  6. Rose $18 ea.
  7. Lilies $18 ea.
  8. Plantains $16 ea.
  9. Cherries $15 ea.
  10. Apples $13 ea.

The best way to get rich in the Sims 4, other than entering a cheat code, is to plant a beautiful and profitable garden. Not only will you see a steady stream of incoming simoleans, but your sim can spend more time at home enjoying the quiet pursuits as well.

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