Good Versus Bad Posts About Your Career

This is an informational graphic to illustrate my point about discussing your professional life on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media platforms.

Sometimes people post statements online that make you cringe. I am not referring to the pet peeves associated with personal taste, but rather the world’s dumbest criminal types that practically tag their dealers online, or relay private company information to everyone they know.

I am not one of those naysayers that thinks it is a bad idea to have social media accounts and a professional life. That seems somewhat paranoid when most major companies engage in social media activity, and hopefully the boss understands that you are a human with friends. Social media can even make you look good at work if used correctly. However if you must discuss your awesome job there is a key difference between a good and a bad post.

Generally you should never post anything that might get you fired or arrested if your boss heard you say it. Chances are that your supervisor can read, and if they see your posting, either because they follow you, or one of your coworkers tells them, they will be very displeased. In fact they will know it was you because no one else has access to your account, and also its geotagged. It will be legal grounds for termination of employment, unless you convince them you were hacked.

For an example consider the following infographic-meme hybrid.

good versus bad facebook posts about your career

Please note that this is an image I edited using Photoshop. It is not intended to be taken literally.

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