Bear Mugs Woman in Manhattan, No One Cares

Here we see a shot captured moments before the vicious attack. The camera man left shortly thereafter as the bear was not a celebrity.

They say New Yorkers have seen it all and apparently they were not kidding.

This photographic evidence suggests that grizzly bears are roaming the streets of Manhattan, mauling tourists and socialites and taking their valuables for quick money.

Witnesses were unfazed by the brutal mugging even though it occurred in broad daylight. One guy had time to light a cigarette before the crosswalk light changed.

“Living in Manhattan like I have all my life,” said one man, “You get used to seeing all sorts of weird stuff in the streets. So I wasn’t really that surprised.”

“Walking to work is my time to play Candy Crush,” said another woman, “No one can take that from me.”

“Oh damn that chick just got mauled by a bear!” cried one young man to his companions.

The woman is in critical but stable condition at a local hospital. A Go Fund Me has been set up in her name.

Police say the suspect is between 400 to 600 pounds with shaggy brown fur and four inch claws. He is probably homeless and may be attracted to open dumpsters. The bear is considered to be armed and dangerous.




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