Annual Candy Corn Controversy Erupts on Twitter

Some people love it, others hate it with a passion that consumes their soul. What is your position on the deliciousness of candy corn?

Candy corn is a North American tradition during fall during fall months, because the candy mimics a kernel of corn. It is a simple recipe of sugar, corn syrup, wax and artificial coloring.

Every year a huge controversy breaks out about whether or not candy corn tastes good. It could be that the candy corn trait is genetic as is indicated by the following tweets.

Pro Candy Corn Tweets

Some people on Twitter enjoy eating candy corn every fall and seeing it everywhere during this time.

  • Twitter user dan dan wonders where the love for candy corn is.

  • User Uncle Fitz strongly recommends candy corn.

  • User Taylor Light finds candy corn to be an essential part of fall.

  • User Emily Enchanted loves candy corn so much she baked cookies.

  • User ash advises you do something other than eat candy corn if you don’t enjoy it.

  • And user Shaun Moreau shared an image of a candy corn unicorn.

Anti Candy Corn Tweets

Other people on Twitter are offended by the very sight of candy corn and refuse to put it in their mouths.

  • User p mac finds candy corn to be nasty. She doesn’t care for Peeps either.

  • User Brian wants toxic candy corn lovers out of his life forever.

  • User emily points out she doesn’t mess with candy corn.

  • RyansAverageLife is kind of cyberbullying candy corn by calling it absolute trash every year.

  • User bella won’t even speak to you if you like candy corn.

  • And user Jordan blames candy corn for the current political state of the country.

The pro candy corn team seems to have the best pictures so far. But the controversy still seems to be closely divided in North America. Because they don’t eat candy corn anywhere else. What is your position on candy corn?

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