Announcing the Launch of Slutty Raver Costumes

Slutty Raver Costumes is a women’s street fashion and music blog for people that love EDM and/or music festivals.

Obviously Black Betty Blog is amazing, but it is a blog about me and no one really cares about me. Slutty Raver Costumes is a more focused project that is intended for female fans of EDM and/or music festivals. Men can read it too but it is difficult for their feeble minds to comprehend words in the presence of the exposed female body.

Slutty Raver Costumes is about clothes to wear to a music festival or on a night out. Both of these things are really about the music, so we discuss electronic dance music from the woman’s point of view. We understand that you are there for the music and not to be groped by creepy strangers on the dance floor. And we suggest ideas for outfit inspiration while discussing the latest in EDM inspired fashions, in addition to music news.

Please check out Slutty Raver Costumes and be sure to support on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter.

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Elizabeth de Moya has a BA in Linguistics from UC Berkeley. She has contributed to DJ Mag, DJ TechTools, LA Weekly and Thump (Vice). Check out the new women's street fashion and music blog for people that love EDM and music festivals:!

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