6 of the Deadest Arts that Ever Died

Most arts don’t die, they just get really old like punk music or DJing with vinyl. These six dead arts are the exception that proves the rule.


1. Long Form Calligraphy

There are some calligraphy enthusiasts in the world, but it is more of a short form thing for greeting cards and scrapbooks. No one in their right mind would ever sit on a table and arduously hand write an entire novel when digital printers that can do the job much better exist.


2. Latin Poetry

Latin is a dead language. There are a handful of experts left on the planet that would be capable of enjoying poetry in Latin. But it would not be enough to sell books or magazines.


3. Cave Painting

These days most people live in apartments, houses or mobile homes. And drawing on the wall inside is generally frowned upon. Plus a lot of useful painting tools have been invented since prehistoric times, such as the paint brush, the spray paint can and graphic arts programs.


4. Lead Painting Dishes

Up until the 1978 US industrialists added lead to paint, before they decided it was a bad idea to put deadly poison inside something people use every day. There are antique plates that have been painted with lead and it is generally not a good idea to eat or drink with them.


Druids sacrifice humans by burning them in a big wooden man. Remind you of anything?

5. Sacrificial Ceremonies (Human)

There is no need for a producer of human sacrificial ceremonies today because that would be completely fucked up. However in ancient times it was considered acceptable and presumably there was some fanfare and ceremony.


6. Hieroglyphics

No one sits around chiseling pictographs into rocks all day. There is laser technology and power tools now. And only a few professors know how to interpret hieroglyphics anyway.

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